Restoring value in buildings

maintenance and renovation

Maintenance and repairs are commonly thought of as an antidote to deterioration. Maintenance, in our opinion, must be related to wear and tear or damage that occurs during the lifecycle of a property. But we also recognize that this is a very fine line with many grey areas. Consider the art of painting. Painting the outside of your house or roof is easily defined as maintenance: by painting, you prevent deterioration. However, you can also paint to improve the appearance of your property.

Successful building maintenance and renovation projects require experience as well as precise planning and execution. As a result, such projects are frequently complicated and may necessitate such elements as: analysis, assessment of the type and level of maintenance involved, design of the proposed work, preparation of technical specifications and tender documents, cost estimates, and assistance in selecting a contractor. During construction, such projects necessitate consulting services such as construction management, supervision, and appraisal.