Road works

Roads Construction & Public Works

Stonefield Ltd is a reputable road construction and repair company known for its dependability and excellence.<>

Stonefield has undertaken road construction projects for a variety of government and commercial developers. We’ve built up a solid basis of knowledge and competence in all parts of road construction, including general roadwork, allied earthworks and excavation, storm water drainage, and line marking, over the years.

Stonefield has an excellent, skilled crew as well as a large fleet of plant and equipment, allowing them to provide a wide range of services and expertise in all aspects of road building.

We are a trusted road construction and public contractor. Here are some of the works we do

    • Clearing & Grubbing.
    • Bulk & Detailed Earthworks.
    • Environmental Management.
    • Major & Minor Concrete Works.
    • Storm water Drainage Construction.
    • Kerb & Gutter.
    • Traffic Barriers & Guard Rails.
  • Roadworks & Pavements to recommended specification.